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Andrew Seidman will have coverage of the judicial races. Jonathan Lai is covering voting and polling-place issues, and Anna Orso , Ellie Rushing , Allison Steele , and Nick Vadala will be out talking to voters across the region. Skip to content. Mayor Jim Kenney is interviewed after addressing supporters at his re-election night party on Nov. He laughs when asked if he will run for Pennsylvania Governor in two years. Our top election stories:. Blue wave crashes down on Pa. Kenney won reelection by a landslide. But there are plenty of big questions ahead. Democrats suffer a setback in New Jersey as Republicans win battleground legislative districts Kendra Brooks wins at-large Council seat in historic win for Philly progressives Kendra Brooks captures a Philadelphia City Council seat in a historic win for the Working Families Party and Philly progressives.

Related stories. Democrats suffer a setback in New Jersey as Republicans win battleground legislative districts by Pranshu Verma.

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Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney won a second term. Clout Newsletter. Sign Up Clout Newsletter. Delaware County flips Democratic for the first time in its history. Working Families Party wins one Council at-large seat. But watch the Northeast. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney wins reelection. An insurgent wins in Scranton. Why Philadelphia election results are taking so long. You may have noticed the election results are taking a while to come in.

Still waiting on returns. Long lines and high turnout in Mt. Andy Kim hosts rally for New Jersey Democrats. Expect a long night in South Jersey. Some reasons why people do not vote. Some of the reasons she heard included:.

I have to work all day. Election Day lunchtime traditions live on. Also spotted at Relish: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, who is not on the ballot. How are the new voting machines working out in Philly?

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Robo-call shenanigans reported in New Jersey. What Pennsylvania voters can expect. New voting machines in Philly. Problems at the polls? Happy Election Day: Stay with Inquirer. Julia Terruso JuliaTerruso jterruso inquirer. Never Miss a Story. We Recommend. Under indictment, Philly Councilman Bobby Henon faces two challengers for majority leader.

Sean Collins Walsh. Philadelphia City Council is about to see some big changes. I think he would do anything for his daughter, and that he loves her the best he can. But I hate him because what he has chosen to do with his life, and how he hurts others. Angela Henry has a day job I envy. More specifically a mystery writing library reference specialist.

Angela writes a traditional amateur sleuth series, stand alone thrillers, and under pen name Angie Kelly Middle Grade. Somewhere in there she finds time for anime and B horror movies. For me writing is a solace. Basically, any unanswered question piques my curiosity. As for research, I love it. However, I love history, especially obscure history.

I was inspired to write my first thriller, The Paris Secret, after hearing some year-old gossip on a tour of the Palace of Versailles. So, naturally when I got home from Paris I went into overdrive researching that story.

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It was a lot of fun. Elizabeth Wilkerson is a cyber-lawyer turned novelist. She writes Afro-Futurist thrillers. Her novel Tokyo Firewall has an addictive trailer. It might be the kodo drumming. I write because I enjoy the creative process. I sketch out each scene, envision the setting, and describe the interaction between characters.

All neat and tidy. Invariably, along the path to working through my outline, synchronicities pop-up. I read a newspaper article that makes me rethink the possibilities for the story. A new character knocks at the front door. My outline mutates, shifts, and makes room for the unexpected. The Egypt Game.

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I wanted to get to know him, so I invited him for an interview. He showed up loud and clear—a creepy, wounded, misogynistic hacker. But lots of readers have told me that they enjoy his scenes. It is her 4th novel in the Justice Hustlers series from Kensington Books. I write because I have these stories that begin to spin in my head and distract me from anything else until I have them written down. When I was younger, I felt much more discouraged about writing and being published. So I would have ideas and then a negative voice would criticize the idea.

Or a discouraged voice would suggest that it would never be published it was tough, but I persevered.

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Instead, I have a lot of external resistance. As a working mom, I have a much more limited amount of time to write. And something about the external constraint has strengthened my force as a writer. A dynamic in my family or a conflict in my own personality. A few years into writing my Justice Hustlers series, I realized I was writing three different women who reflected my cultural background. And the first three protagonists of the series each had one of those backgrounds.

I would look at photos and read accounts and watch news reporting videos for hours. I still needed to use a sensitivity consultant who had lived through the hurricane to vet my details, but a lot of that section of the book was a composite based on actual accounts. I love Marisol Rivera the most.

The Company You Keep by Angela Henry

Marisol is just such a badass. She survived a horrible childhood and became a protector. She protected her little sister. She began doing sex work at seventeen to keep herself and her little sister from getting separated and sent into foster care. Which includes heisting corrupt corporate CEOs involved in a sex trafficking scandal. Each of the books in the series works as a standalone, but Marisol is always there, as a mentor or crime boss or both. Marisol is Puerto Rican, so she was a natural secondary protagonist for this book about Hurricane Maria. It was great to get to circle back to her personal journey and dig deeper into her Puerto Rican roots.

She, like so many of us Puerto Ricans living in the US, embodies that conflicted longing for home we have about Puerto Rico. As many of my followers know, I lived in Puerto Rico for a year and love the island.