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Che was a bit of a homophobe, Che was a bit of a homophobe, apparently. Che was a bit of a homophobe, Che was a bit of a homophobe. This is my song in defence of the fence. A little sing along, a anthem to ambivalence. The more you know, the harder you will find it. To make up your mind, it, doesn't really matter if you find.

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You can't see which grass is greener. Chances are it's neither, and either way it's easier. To see the difference, when you're sitting on the fence. Somewhere in your house, I'd be willing to bet. Em algum lugar da sua casa, eu estaria disposto a apostar.

There's a picture of that grinning hippy from Tibet - the Dalai Llama. He's a lovely, funny fella, he gives soundbites galore. But let's not forget that back in Tibet, those funky monks used to dick the poor, yeah. And the Buddhist line about future lives is the perfect way to stop the powerless rising up. And he tells the poor they will live again, but he's rich now so it's easy for him to say.

I'm taking the stand in defence of the fence. I got a little band playing anthems to ambivalence. We divide the world into terrorists and heroes. Into normal folk and weirdos. Em pessoas normais e esquisitas.

Into good people and pedos. Into things that give you cancer and the things that cure cancer. And the things that don't cause cancer, but there's a chance they will cause cancer in the future. We divide the world to stop us feeling frightened. Into wrong and into right and. Into black and into white and. Into real men and fairies. Em homens reais e fadas. Into status quo and scary. Yeah we want the world binary, binary. But it's not that simple. And your dog has a bigger carbon footprint than a four wheel drive.

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Yea your dog has a bigger carbon footprint than a four wheel drive. And so does your baby, maybe you oughta trade him in for a Prius. I got a little band playing tributes to ambivalence. We divide the world into liberals and gun-freaks.

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