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A special order item has limited availability and the seller may source this title from another supplier. In this event, there may be a slight delay in shipping and possible variation in description. I think on that a bit as I try to fall back to sleep, only this time it isn't sound keeping me awake, it's that nightly tug-o'-war! My husband is yanking the covers again! But he WON'T get them all this time, no! I've carefully tucked in the entire length of my side of the bed! And, for extra protection, I've tucked in my half of the end of the bed.

And just when we begin to nod off, our year-old rolls in--back from the nightclub at 5 a.

L''infini dans la paume de la main : Trinh Xuan Thuan :

Now, if we could only get some sleep around here A cat in La Ciotat. Can you see the "upside down dog," third shadow over? Don't miss all the photos I took this week. Follow me on Instagram. I'll be posting more pictures soon! Comment box tip : it is not necessary to fill in all three boxes. Just your name as you would like it to appear in public and maybe your email address remains private. The third box, "URL" is for your website or blog. Hint: You can leave this box blank or share your site-- or a site you like.

Ideas: add your Twitter or Facebook or Instagram link. Or use the box to promote a site you like a charity or a good cause? I look forward to clicking on your links! My very dear friend Tess is opening her farmhouse for her Paint in Provence workshop. You will be picked up from the airport and fed homemade meals during this relaxing and inspiring getaway to France. Check out the dates and see photos here! And I will see you in May and June, when Tess drives workshop attendees to our vineyard, for a painting day in the olive orchard.

The first time I ever picked tarragon was at my friend Tess's farmhouse.

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I couldn't tell an herb from a weed, then, but by some stroke of luck I returned to the kitchen with the correct aromatic branch. Stoked, I went on to plant the versatile herb in my own kitchen garden, enjoying it with chicken, in salad dressing and more. But by the end of winter it seemed clear the plant was dead an annual, after all? Only a few dried, leafless sticks remained. And then, sometime last week I noticed the budding fuzzy green carpet, above!

Tessa's tarragon chicken, with cream, onions, peppercorns, and l'estragon. Merci encore! See Max in the doorway? Beautifully renovated and decorated home in the Luberon. This villa comfortably sleeps adults. So why have I never tried it out? For the simple reason that so many of us students of French don't use certain expressions: 1 we are not exactly sure of what they mean and 2 we're too lazy to look them up!

Lazy like this, we can make the mistake of assuming a word's meaning I thought today's word meant "on the other hand". Let's have a closer look, now, at an oft-heard expression and today's mot du jour :. Following our vine-planting project at Mas des Brun, we noted 24 deaths, which, in this case, represents 0.

A snapshot of our dining table, yesterday morning. Clockwise, beginning in the center, we have the beautiful Azalea plant, a gift from Gail and Fred--the couple who are letting Max stay in their home this summer. And there, below center, are the cards I bought at the stationary store pictured higher up. The open book of Proverbs is a gift from Anne and Kirk, who visited recently.

If you are looking for a beautiful apartment for rent in Aix, click on the link below! Now that I think of it, that couldn't be an ashes pan--not in wood! But I am sure that is what Michel told us when he offered the gift years ago Fred and Gail Max's hosts the day they came for lunch. No matter how much hope and faith you have in a project, you also have your days. So it is always helpful to see your progress through another's eyes!

In this case professional eyes. Gail and Fred have been in the restaurant business for years, and they have stocked a lot of interesting wines in their cellars. Where's Max? After I posted this photo on my Facebook , Audrey Wilson shared this update:. Byrrh is still produced in Thuir, a town near us in Roussillion. Its cave boosts the largest barrel in the world containing 1,, litres of wine!!

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What melts your heart more: a weathered French bakery or a Franco-Australian baby? I had the chance to meet-up with Caroline and baby Mathilde, on Tuesday. It was a rare getaway for Caroline, who is busy tending vines and making wines at Domaine Rouge-Bleu, which she now owns with Thomas They purchased this vineyard from us in My former writing office is now one of the rooms!

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The seaside town of La Ciotat. I think the street name reads: "Hairy People's Street. I just received the latest newsletter from author Patricia Sands, in which she features so many colorful photos of a favorite village: Antibes! She also lists a ebook giveaway for my First French Essais book! You may also want to subscribe to Patricia Sand's updates on France, writing, and travel. Back to my son, pour un moment.

As a special treat, I took him for a milkshake at a well-heeled bistro along Cours Mirabeau in Aix-en-Provence.

What a disappointment when he took the first sip. French milkshakes sometimes miss the mark Anyone remember these? Back to our picture story As we sipped our drinks my eyes travelled across the street, to where I had met Max's father 25 years ago. I have to blink, now, to make sure the young Frenchman seated before me really exists. And when Max comes into focus, with the dapper coat and hat, I see his father, standing at the door to my studio, wearing his best suit. The year was I remember him handing me a houseplant on that first date, as he stood so hopeful in the doorwell.

And I remember thinking, sadly, I won't be around to water it next week! I had to leave France within days, but I could not shake the impression Jean-Marc had made on me.