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Book Description Didier, Posted from the UK, daily. Seller Inventory mon Book Description Editions Didier, Seller Inventory MG. Condition: Acceptable. Book Description Didier. The play has been translated into several other languages. The author's works have been seen as a precursor to surrealistic comedy; some elements of this genre are present in this play. Much of the humour is derived from classic comedy of mistaken identities, and the complications that arise from this. The play is about two people who wish to engage in an extramarital affair.

They check into a small, discreet Parisian hotel where they wish to spend the night, but complications arise and the couple never manage to exchange as much as a kiss. The play opens in Monsieur Pinglet's office. He is visited by several people, including his neighbour Paillardin's wife, Marcelle, whom he persuades to spend the night with him in a hotel in town. Pinglet arranges for his maid, Victoire, to follow Paillardin's nephew, Maxime, to philosophy school, as the boy is easily lost on his own.

Un deuxième séisme majeur fait trembler le sud de la Californie

Pinglet's wife Angelique comes on stage to declare to Pinglet that she will not be home for dinner; she has to spend the night out of town. She then shows Pinglet some hotel brochures she has been sent in the mail. She is disgusted by the brochures, but Pinglet is excited and decides to go to the advertised hotel with Marcelle. Mathieu, an old friend of the Pinglets, comes for a visit. Mathieu, who suffers from a speech impediment when it rains, announces that he intends to stay at the Pinglets' house for a month.

The Pinglets are horrified, especially at the arrival of Mathieu's four daughters, who also intend to stay there. Angelique initiates an argument with Pinglet in front of Mathieu, which prompts Mathieu to leave. Before leaving, however, he hears Pinglet and Marcelle discussing the hotel they are going to, and decides to stay there for the night with his daughters. After this, Pinglet tells Angelique that he intends to eat at a restaurant. Angelique does not want him to eat out alone, and so locks him in his office.

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Pinglet, however, takes out a rope ladder and climbs out of the window. They throw out a guest who has not paid his bill, and he causes trouble by saying he will call the police to ransack the place. Marcelle and Pinglet arrive and order a room.

UE/Canada : accord de libre-échange scellé

Pinglet tries to persuade Marcelle to get into bed with him, but has obviously had too much to drink, and the alcohol and cigar smoke go to his head. He leaves the room to get some fresh air.

Tureng - zone de libre-échange des amériques (zlea) - French English Dictionary

Paillardin arrives at the hotel, where he is led into a large room. He has been hired by the hotel owner to investigate reports of strange sounds and disturbances which the owner thinks are coming from ghosts. Paillardin leaves the room to get a drink. Mathieu arrives at the hotel with his four daughters, and Boulot, not knowing that Paillardin is already booked into the haunted room, double-books Mathieu into it.

Mathieu runs into Marcelle in the corridor.

Libre échange, 2 : Méthode de français(Guide pédagogique) (French Edition)

He invites himself into Marcelle's room for tea, and they are doing so when Pinglet comes back. Pinglet manages to make Mathieu leave.

Mathieu and his daughters go into their own room, and Mathieu then helps himself to Paillardin's cigars, nightshirt and slippers, thinking they are gifts from the hotel. He goes to sleep in one of the beds. Victoire arrives at the hotel with Maxime, having found one of Angelique's discarded hotel brochures and persuaded Maxime to go to the hotel with her instead of going back to philosophy school.

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